You have been looking forward to your visit to the Oxford Christmas Market. You left your house early so you could have plenty of time to mooch without rushing, and now you’ve arrived and your day

is just beginning.

    It's a beautiful crisp day, the sun is out, the sky is blue, but it’s still cold enough for you to be wrapped up in your favourite winter coat, your nose buried in your scarf.

You walk past the first beautifully decorated market stalls and the smell of cinnamon is drifting through the air. You spot the stall offering roasted nuts, your favourite, and buy a bag. Not every treat should just be for kids, right?

     Then you smell it, that old friend, mulled wine. Would it even be Christmas without a swig of that warm delight, the feel of the liquid warming your entire body no matter how cold the weather is? You buy a cup, take a deep breath in and take your first sip – the taste of Christmas in a cup never gets old and, besides, it’s tradition!

           But Christmas isn’t just about the tastes and the smells, it’s about the sounds too. And, just on cue, you hear music in the distance and find your feet following it until you see standing before you a children's choir singing Christmas carols. You start to hum along to ‘Jingle Bells' and begin to feel all warm and gooey inside.

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          And you continue walking around, eyeing up all the goodies that the stall holders have worked hard to bring in front of you, some of the classics you see every year and some entirely new.

   You look to your right and gasp at the beautiful big Christmas tree, its boughs reaching all the way to the glittering star on the top. You take a deep breath, and a gleaming smile appears on your face and you realise that you feel as festive as

can be.

      And you turn around and face the market stalls and are ready  - Christmas shopping here you come.

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