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Oxford, July 2023​


It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that the Oxford Christmas Market had to be cancelled indefinitely.


The decision was not one I wanted to make, but circumstances left me with no choice.


The cancellation was triggered by changes made to Broad Street by Oxfordshire County Council, with the backing of Oxford City Council. They have insisted on maintaining the cycle lane, which had previously been permitted to be closed without any incidents since 2013.


The new layout and the associated conditions make it impossible for me to continue. Ensuring the safety of all participants is my top priority, and proceeding under such circumstances would be irresponsible, as it could potentially lead to accidents.


It has been an absolute joy and honour to create the Oxford Christmas Market and to establish a Christmas tradition in Oxford that has been cherished by many.




Thank you for your support.


Thank you for visiting.


Thank you to all my wonderful traders.


Thank you to all the local bands and choirs for spreading Christmas cheer.


Thank you to builders, electricians and haulage companies for working behind the

scenes to bring everything to life.

Thank you!




With best wishes,


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